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“VCR’s” Book by Carolyn E. Cooper

VCR's by Carolyn E. Cooper


Duncan Jones’ “Moon”- Destined to be a Sci-Fi Classic

Duncan Jones' "Moon!" - Film Poster 2009

Duncan Jones' "Moon" - Film Poster 2009

Must Watch: Trailer for Duncan Jones’ “Moon

“Moon” is directed by first-time filmmaker Duncan Jones, a former ad exec turned filmmaker of only a sci-fi short from 2000 called Whistle previously. The original story was written by Jones, and the screenplay was written by Nathan Parker. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it was bought by Sony Pictures Classics. “Moon” will arrive in limited theaters starting on June 12th this year.   Starring: Sam Rockwell. Read more Here

Teaser Poster for "Moon" - 2009

Teaser Poster for "Moon" - 2009

London BFI Screening of Duncan Jones’ “Moon”