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Durium Records & Hit of the Week Records

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Nick Lucas (The Crooning Troubador), “All Of Me”, Hit of the Week Record
Nick Lucas & His Troubadours

78 rpm; Hit of the Week Records was a record label based in the United States of America in the early 1930s.  Distinctively, “Hit of the Week”s were made not of shellac as was usual for gramophone record of the era, but of a patented blend of paper and resin called Durium.  A related label in the United Kingdom was called Durium Records. The label debuted in February of 1930. Unlike other records, it was sold at news-stands, not record stores. ca: 1932

“Superman II” Laser Etched Vinyl LP

How to remove musty smell from vinyl records

Use household alcohol and a cotton ball to gently wipe the surface of a vinyl LP sleeve. This will remove dust, dirt, tape residue and some pen marks. Be careful with all sleeves as the ink will bleed on some. Try a small test spot in the corner first to test.

As for the vinyl record itself; use Windex and a clean soft cloth wiping with the grooves. Be careful not to spray it on the record label. In extreme cases you may try setting them outside somewhere dry on a sunny day (under 85 F) for an hour or two maximum. Be careful you don’t leave them outside too long or they may melt!

This vintage "Care Bears" vinyl LP record is so clean and aromatic

This "Care Bears" vinyl record is clean and aromatic.

Tips for the Care and Storage of Vinyl LP Records

The Commodores 1978 Platinum Tour Album

The Commodores Platinum Tour 180 gram album

The Commodores Platinum Tour 180 gram album

Produced by Motown Records in 1978, The Commodores Platinum Tour album was a platinum colored LP record. The album featured four of their hits from the album “Natural High” including, “Three Times A Lady”, “Flying High” and “Such A Woman”. The release of The Platinum Tour albums was preceeded by a coast-to-coast American tour.

Isaac Hayes – The Black Moses Album

Black Moses was produced by Enterprise Records of Memphis, TN. The record sleeve folded out to a cross shape and featured Chester Higgins, Senior Editor of Jet Magazine who penned a biography for Hayes and the genesis of his famous “Memphis Sound”.

R.I.P. Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. – August 20, 1942 – August 10, 2008.

Star Wars Vinyl LP

Original soundtrack to Star Wars composed and conducted by John Williams and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Covered in Star Wars film stills and art, this double LP set included an original Star Wars poster.

Shopping for LP Records – Old School

Shopping for LP Records in the Liberty Music Shop, New York City, 1954