47 Original Vintage 1920’s & 1930’s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS Paper Photos

All photographs are on uniform sized paper 5.5″ x 8 inches Sepia-toned black and white images reproduced on paper featuring Hollywood Stars of the period. Stars Include: Jacqueline Logan, Billie Dove, Lily Damita, Joseph Striker, Sally Blane, Barry Norton, Clara Bow, Phyllis Haver, Loretta Young, Sue Carol, Doug Fairbanks Jr., Ben Lyon, Richard Dix, Louis […]

Rare Original Movie Poster Gallery: The She-Creature, Paris Calling, To Catch A Thief & Target Earth

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“The Sundowners” – Introducing John Barrymore, Jr.

Starring:  John Barrymore, Jr., Robert Preston, Chill Wills, Robert Sterling and, John Litel and Cathy Downs.