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PEO Antiques and Appraisal Fair – Southport, NC 2009

Southport Chapter CB of the P.E.O. recently invited Azio Media to participate in the 6th Annual Antiques and Appraisal Fair. Prior to the opening hundreds of patrons lined up for admission to the Southport Community Center.

As the stream of collector’s and attic voyagers trickled in our exhibit proved extremely popular, largely thanks to interest in rare books (though the adjoining refreshment and pastry stand may have also played a small role). Azio Media featured a variety of older publications, including an antique Bible, World War II-era TIME Magazines, and a striking collection of Tolstoy’s short stories. Our inventory of magazines, covering most every month from the 1920s to the 1970s, piqued interest from folks looking for unique gifts for their loved ones.


The numerous questions regarding restoration was somewhat shocking given the uncertain state of the economy, but we will gladly restore the luster of a valued tome, not seen for generations. Overall, we relished the chance to chat about rare books and look forward to returning next year. Chatting about old books easily triggers a unique nostalgia trip; gab, old books and a curious mind encumbered by hands occupied with a cup of coffee and cookies can make matters a bit more volatile in our opinion…

Azio Media’s Book & Record Store – Shallotte, North Carolina

Azio Media Sponsors Communities in Schools Benefit Gala for Children

The 2008 Communities in Schools Gala Auction will be held Thursday, October 16, 2008 from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at Sea Trail Resort.

Founded in the 1970s on the belief that “programs don’t save children, relationships do”, Communities In Schools (CIS) has become the nation’s most effective and widely respected community-based organization helping kids succeed in school and prepare for life. CIS of Brunswick County is part of a National Network.

CIS of Brunswick County proudly reflects the dedication and commitment of volunteers, businesses, civic groups, communities of faith, and agencies working in partnership with Brunswick County Schools to enhance the quality of education.

CIS Benefit Gala for Children

See the Auction Items Donated by AzioMedia.com

Antique North Carolina Phone Book

Published in 1949, The Southern Bell and Telegraph Company Telephone Directory for the Cape Fear area included Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Southport and Wrightsville Beach.  Phone numbers then were a series of only four  to five numbers and callers had a choice of ‘Station-to-Station’ or ‘Person-to-Person’ rates. The white pages (100 pages)  were published with the classified phone directory (Yellow pages). The entire volume consisted of 142 pages.

Shallotte, North Carolina – Home of Azio Media Used Bookstore

Shallotte, North Carolina was once an important trading post, located between the Cape Fear and Waccamaw Rivers, in the center of a vast wilderness.

Here, we continue to walk in the footprints of Indians, pirates, pilots, and pioneers.

“The Town of Shallotte was incorporated on March 6, 1899. Prior settlement of the area dated back to around 1750 with an earlier reference to the River and the Town as early as 1734. In the early years, residents relied on agriculture, fishing and a bustling waterfront full of flatboats, rafts, and other small watercrafts used to transport goods to and from this rural part of Brunswick County. According to some accounts, the Town received its name from a traveler who crossed the river by ferry and referred to the river as “Charlotte” River. The Charlotte River later took on the name of the Shallotte River. The Town was later called Shallotte.” – Continued

Our independent bookstore in downtown Shallotte, N.C. has gathered a wonderful collection of rare books, vinyl records, vintage magazines, Hollywood film posters, lobby cards, and movie stills from the 1940’s and more.

To be continued..

We buy books, vinyl records, old photographs, original movie posters, lobby cards, prints, paintings, small antiques, sculpture, letters, magazines, old fishing lures and maps and anything really interesting we may find desirable.

Used Book & Record Store Opens in Shallotte, North Carolina

A little more history:

AzioMedia.com opened the doors to it’s used bookstore August 2004. Since we had been selling books on the internet for several years we decided to open a small used bookstore in the space next door. There was not a bookshop or music store for miles around and we thought it would be nice to open a small shop with the overflow of books we always have in our warehouse.

Azio Media Retail Book Shop

Azio Media Retail Book Shop

We buy books, vinyl records, old photographs, original movie posters, lobby cards, prints, paintings, small antiques, sculpture, letters, magazines, old fishing lures and maps and anything really interesting we may find desirable.

Azio Media is an Amazon.comBookseller

The Azio Media book & music warehouse

The Azio Media book & music warehouse

Located in Shallotte, N.C. we offer the biggest selection of books, records, posters, and vintage magazines in the region.

Original "North By North West" Film Poster - Starring Cary Grant

Original "North BY North West" Film Poster - Starring Cary Grant

Plus vinyl LP records, 45 rpm and 78 rpm records, comic books, and other collectibles are all available Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 5:30 pm or by appointment. Stop by and see us today.

Elvis Presley - Moody Blue Vinyl LP

Elvis Presley - Moody Blue Vinyl LP

Independent – Wide Selection – Fast Delivery
Fine Books, Literature, Letters, Maps, Art and Antiques


Since 1998

Waterway Art Association Art Show – 2008

Azio Media was recently a sponsor for the annual Waterway Art Association Art Show in Calabash, NC.

The Waterway Art Association held their 17th annual art show at Sunset River Studio May 22-26, to raise funds for art scholarship for students to study fine arts in college. Azio Media acquired this oil painting by Lynn Jerr at the show. The art show was so successful that the Association was able to award two scholarships rather than the one planned.