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The Gold Coast Virgin

Published by Dell 1949. By Rosamund Marshall, author of “Kitty” and “Duchess Hotspur”. Pulp novel about a young heiress in Los Angeles at the turn of the century.

Jim Jam Jems – 1917

“Curious Creatures in Zoology” – 1890

curious-creatures1“Curious Creatures in Zoology” by John Ashton

John Nimmo – London, 1890 – Original forest green cloth with bright gilt titles to spine & a beautiful Neptunian vignette to cover; gilt page tops; bright clean pages; beautifully illustrated with 130 wood engravings; indexed; scarce


“Death in the Backseat” Pulp Fiction Cover Art

"Death in the Backseat" mystery novel by Dorothy Cameron Disney - 1936

"Death in the Backseat" mystery novel by Dorothy Cameron Disney - 1936

John Steinbeck and Captain Morgan’s Gold

Here John Steinbeck writes about Captain Henry Morgan (of pirate adventures and now spiced rum fame) in “Cup of Gold – A Life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, with Occasional Reference to History“. Published by World Publishing, NY in 1944, this is the second edition of the book. Originally published by Robert M. McBride, 1929, with this edition being published by arrangement with The Viking Press. Note the excellent cover art by Monroe Reisman.

PEO Antiques and Appraisal Fair – Southport, NC 2009

Southport Chapter CB of the P.E.O. recently invited Azio Media to participate in the 6th Annual Antiques and Appraisal Fair. Prior to the opening hundreds of patrons lined up for admission to the Southport Community Center.

As the stream of collector’s and attic voyagers trickled in our exhibit proved extremely popular, largely thanks to interest in rare books (though the adjoining refreshment and pastry stand may have also played a small role). Azio Media featured a variety of older publications, including an antique Bible, World War II-era TIME Magazines, and a striking collection of Tolstoy’s short stories. Our inventory of magazines, covering most every month from the 1920s to the 1970s, piqued interest from folks looking for unique gifts for their loved ones.


The numerous questions regarding restoration was somewhat shocking given the uncertain state of the economy, but we will gladly restore the luster of a valued tome, not seen for generations. Overall, we relished the chance to chat about rare books and look forward to returning next year. Chatting about old books easily triggers a unique nostalgia trip; gab, old books and a curious mind encumbered by hands occupied with a cup of coffee and cookies can make matters a bit more volatile in our opinion…

Pulp Fiction Westerns


“Outlaw”, Broken Lance”, Duel on the Range” and “The Sheep Killers” – circa 1949