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RARE NAZI AIRMAIL STAMP w SWASTIKA HINDENBURG STAMP & HINDENBURG POSTCARD 1936 2 RARE NAZI AIRMAIL STAMP w SWASTIKA HINDENBURG STAMP & HINDENBURG POSTCARD 1936This postcard was written by a passenger on the Hindenburg in 1936. He describes flying flying towards Ireland 2000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean.

“Imagine! Sunday morning and only a few hours from Ireland – 2000 ft. over the Atlantic
– A perfect trip – making a record – Thanks for your message.
– George”

Note the Nazi soaring eagle Nazi airmail stamp with swastika and the Hindenburg stamp.

Model Airplane News Magazine – J. Kotula Aircraft Cover Art Gallery

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Images of Model Airplane News 1938 – 1940 magazine covers by J. Kotula

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Skyways Magazine December 1942 – William Heaslip Aeronautical Cover Art

Skyways December 1942 William Heaslip cover art of U.S. Air Force float planes in the Pacific.

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Vintage Cover Art of Futuristic Planes, Boats, Helicopters & Cars – Edgar F. Wittmack Gallery

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Popular Science Magazine Covers – Circa: 1935

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Popular Science – January 1929 Wright Brothers Airplane

Wright Brothers Covert art by Herbert Paus

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Pan American Airlines – (Pan-Am) Vintage Travel Brochure

Pan American Airlines – 1938

Bermuda – Vintage Travel Brochures – Circa: 1940