“Black April” – Gullah Fiction

“Black April” by Julia Peterkin, author of “Scarlett Sister Mary”. A novel about the Gullahs of South Carolina. Triangle Books – 1927 Dusky Land – Gullah Poems and Sketches of Coastal Carolina

“Home to Harlem” Vintage Paperback

AVON, New York – 1951 First Edition. “The Good Times He Wanted He Could Only Find In Harlem. Love was cheap and life was high in the torrid zone of ‘Little Old New York.” Complete And Unabridged; beautiful cover art by Ray Johnson. Find Vintage Paperbacks Here

Dusky Land – Gullah Poems and Sketches of Coastal Carolina

“Dusky Land – Gullah Poems and Sketches of Coastal Carolina”; Published by William Plumer Jacobs, 1942 The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Low Country region of South Carolina and Georgia. The Gullah language is related to Jamaican Creole and the Bahamian and West African dialects. Here the speech of the Gullah has […]

Pulp Fiction Tarzan – “Blue Book” Magazine 1931

Tarzan Cover of Blue Book Magazine – December, 1931 Edgar Rice Burroughs created the fictional character Tarzan, a feral youth raised by apes, who returns to civilization, rejects it and returns to the wild as a vine-swinging heroic adventurer. Tarzan first appeared in the novel, “Tarzan of the Apes” (magazine publication 1912 book publication 1914). […]