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Rare Original “BLACK MARIA – A GOOD BLACK Chewing Tobacco” Sign African American

This is an original, antique “BLACK MARIA – A GOOD BLACK Chewing Tobacco” advertising sign with African American Logo for use in a General Store – Circa: 1925. Approx. Size: 18″ x 12 inches An especially scarce sign advertising sign with the BLACK MARIA logo on heavy paper in Good Condition with red, black and gold colors.

Original J. P. Alley’s Hambone Advertising Cigar Sign with African American Pilot – Lindberg’s 1927 solo flight across the Atlantic ocean

Vintage Original  J. P. Alley’s Hambone Advertising Cigar Sign Fan Pull

TThe image on the cigar box label is a satire on Lindberg’s 1927 solo flight across the Atlantic ocean (note USA on the left and the Eiffel Tower on the right side of picture).

Image of an African-American pilot flying a small yellow plane. The plane has the words “Going Over” painted on the side. The advertising indicates that the product is of the finest quality and is above all five cent cigars. An identical image is printed on the back of the card. The size is 7 1/8″ across and the advertising is printed on heavy-weight card stock with bright colors and a shiny gilt details.

More than one fantasy involves around HAMBONE cigars.  Hambone was the nickname of Tom Hunley, a folk-wisdom spouting ex-slave interviewed late in his life by a young Memphis editorial cartoonist James Pinckney “J.P.” Alley who was enthralled by Hunley’s humorously philosophical tone. Alley turned the old man’s pithy observations on life into a syndicated illustrated newspaper column called “Hambone’s Meditations” which debuted in 1916 and was soon followed by two books. When J.P. died in 1934, his son Calvin took over his work, and the Hambone character continued in papers until 1968.

Starting in the late 1920’s, two different cigar companies (over time, not at once) were licensed to market cheap cigars under the character’s name and Alley’s illustration. The image on the cigar box label is a satire on Lindberg’s 1927 solo flight across the Atlantic ocean.

“Short’nin’ Bread” Piano Solo – African American Cover Art

“Short’nin’ Bread” Piano Solo sheet music by John W. Schaum. African American Cover art by Bliesener, 1951. Published by Belwin, Inc., NY.

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American Book and Bible House – The Negro A Beast

Chapters include “The formation of the Negro and the other Beasts – then Man on the Sixth day”. Published by the American Book and Bible House,  originally available only through subscription.  Circa 1900.  For more rare and unusual books click HERE

“Black April” – Gullah Fiction

“Black April” by Julia Peterkin, author of “Scarlett Sister Mary”.
A novel about the Gullahs of South Carolina. Triangle Books – 1927

Dusky Land – Gullah Poems and Sketches of Coastal Carolina

The Origin of Negro Minstrelsy and the Birth of Emmett’s Dixie’s Land”

A rare short play based on the facts of Daniel Decatur Emmett’s music life and the first minstrel show and the composing of his Dixie’s Land.

“Home to Harlem” Vintage Paperback

AVON, New York – 1951 First Edition. “The Good Times He Wanted He Could Only Find In Harlem. Love was cheap and life was high in the torrid zone of ‘Little Old New York.”

Complete And Unabridged; beautiful cover art by Ray Johnson.

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