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Autographed Photographs of Ballerinas

Original Autographed Photo Ballerina Patricia Bowman Ballet Dancer  2
Original Autographed Photo of American Prima Ballerina Patricia Bowman.

Patricia Bowman, was a founding member of American Ballet Theater, a ballerina of the Radio City Music Hall and the first American ballerina to win critical acclaim and wide popularity as a classical and a musical-theater dancer.

Original Autographed Photo Melissa Hayden Ballet Dancer
Original Autographed Photo Ballerina Melissa Hayden Ballet Dancer – NYC Ballet

Canadian-born ballerina Melissa Hayden was a member of the New York City Ballet. She also danced with Ballet Theatre, Ballet Alicia Alonso and in the corps de ballet at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. She created major roles in George Balanchine’s “Divertimento No. 15”, “Agon”, “Stars and Stripes”, Episdoes”, and “Liebeslieder Walzer”


Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive Video Demo

The Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive

Playboy Cover to Cover Hard Drive - Every Issue From 1953 to 2010

Every issue of Playboy Magazine on a pocket-sized aluminum 250GB hard drive with additional 200Gb available for your personal files. Use it at home or traveling anywhere you can find a Mac or PC. Hot-swappable USB bus powered portable hard-drive (no AC adaptor required), install the Playboy Cover to Cover program, and begin reading. You will have immediate access to every page of every issue.

It’s all here: from that first treasured issue featuring Marilyn Monroe in December 1953, all the way to the December 2009 issue, featuring Chelsea Handler, and every issue in between. That’s 56 incredible years of Playboy, over 650 issues, and more than 100,000 pages, all at your fingertips. This high-performance, rugged aluminum hard drive measures a tiny 3″ x 5″ inches, and easily fits inside a briefcase or jacket pocket. Plus, there are over 200GBs of extra room on the drive to store anything else you’d like.

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The Cover Stars of 1937 – Photoplay Magazine

"War of the Worlds" Original Film Stills

“War of the Worlds” Original Film Stills

James Brown – The Godfather of Soul

Autographed James Brown Photo

Autographed James Brown Photo

Read this Plant

A primitive way of written communication which continues to be practiced is graffiti. Graffiti can be found everywhere. This is a plant in the Vienna Botanical Gardens where people carve their initials or pledge love to another.
Plant Graffiti - Vienna Botanical Gardens 2000

Plant Graffiti - Vienna Botanical Gardens 2000