Autographed Photographs of Ballerinas

Original Autographed Photo Ballerina Patricia Bowman Ballet Dancer  2
Original Autographed Photo of American Prima Ballerina Patricia Bowman.

Patricia Bowman, was a founding member of American Ballet Theater, a ballerina of the Radio City Music Hall and the first American ballerina to win critical acclaim and wide popularity as a classical and a musical-theater dancer.

Original Autographed Photo Melissa Hayden Ballet Dancer
Original Autographed Photo Ballerina Melissa Hayden Ballet Dancer – NYC Ballet

Canadian-born ballerina Melissa Hayden was a member of the New York City Ballet. She also danced with Ballet Theatre, Ballet Alicia Alonso and in the corps de ballet at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. She created major roles in George Balanchine’s “Divertimento No. 15”, “Agon”, “Stars and Stripes”, Episdoes”, and “Liebeslieder Walzer”


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