Babe Ruth’s Baseball Book 1932

Extremely scarce copy of this desirable soft-cover book (8.5 x 11.5 inches). The 98-page book features numerous photos of Ruth offering instruction on the field as well as articles by John McGraw. “Baseball lessons by Babe Ruth” plus playing tips by the World Series Champions of 1931. Cardinals (Bottomley, Frisch, Hafey etc), McGraw’. “Big Plays of the World Series”. All-star teams “chosen” by Ruth & McGraw & more, all “editorially supervised” by Christy Walsh. Color cover painting of Babe Ruth. Especially desirable because this book was published in the era of the infamous “Called Shot” by Babe Ruth. Designed to teach kids how to play ball.

Oue Ebay Store is HERE


2 responses to “Babe Ruth’s Baseball Book 1932

  1. clamorousvoice

    BEAUTIFUL blog, I’ll be linking to you!

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