Fake “Introducing The Beatles” Vinyl Lp Record – VJLP 1062


3 responses to “Fake “Introducing The Beatles” Vinyl Lp Record – VJLP 1062

  1. HI.
    Any idea what this album is worth?


  2. what is it worth

  3. I’m only three years late on this one, but I stumbled across this page while websurfing and thought I’d leave some information for other potential “stumblers.” The album pictured here is a counterfeit. “Introducing the Beatles” is probably the most heavily counterfeited LP in music history, and this copy is one of those bad mid-’70s hack jobs that are among the most obvious of the bogus versions.

    Telltale signs:
    -The front cover has a brown border. No legit copy of ITB has this.
    -Official versions have several label variations, but the all-black, no-rainbow, brackets-logo combination appears only on counterfeits.
    -On all authentic copies, the name of the band is positioned above the center hole. “The Beatles” appears below the center hole only on fakes.

    The history of this album is fascinating and well-documented on the ‘net. Search on “Introducing the beatles counterfeit.”

    John L

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