Silvertone Tru-Phonic Phonograph – 1927

Stop by AZIO Media’s Book and Music Shop and hear a 78 rpm record played on our original 1927 Silvertone Tru-Phonic Phonograph. There are two settings: on/off and fast/slow (as shown). Otherwise you crank the wooden handle, turn on the rotating plate and put the needle on the record. There is no volume control on this unit. The music is piped through the steel needle, into the metal record armature and through and out the baffles in the front. Volume may be controlled though the size of the needle.

See a Hand-Driven Gramophone here


3 responses to “Silvertone Tru-Phonic Phonograph – 1927

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  2. You can also control the volume by stuffing cotton into the armature which is hollow in order to mute the sound.

  3. The one I own has a knob on the side that allows you to change the tone. I can’t image why you would need to low the sound on these.
    Kathy Florent

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