Johnson & Smith Novelty Catalogue

“Surprising novelties, puzzles, tricks, joke goods, useful articles, etc.”

by Johnson & Smith Co., Racine, Wisconsin circa: 1925

Find this book and more here


3 responses to “Johnson & Smith Novelty Catalogue

  1. This is just the type of thing I’m on the look-out for for my ephemera blog. Thanks for featuring it. It’s a great example of catalog ephemera. I wonder if this Johnson is related to the Johnson Wax family of Racine Wisconsin?

  2. Hello! Thank you for featuring Johnson Smith Co. in your blog. We wanted to let you know we are still in business, going strong down here in sunny Florida! Please check out our website,, for more of these great novelty items, the best of the best to this day!

  3. I discovered you back in the 40’s and enjoyed numerous gifts from your company catalog.Please send me your address so I can acquire an up to date catalog.

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