“Flee the Angry Strangers” – Pulp Fiction Beat Generation Drug Cover

Bantam Paperback - "Flee the Angry Strangers" by George Mandel

Bantam Paperback - "Flee the Angry Strangers" by George Mandel

“A fiercely honest novel of young Americans running wild”

Note the cover art by Harry Schaare depicting a young woman getting ready to shoot-up in a den of iniquity.  Norman Mailer blurb to front cover: “One of the best first novels in recent years.”

Chapter Headings:

Sounds Out of Gone Debris

Shrines to Zero

Designs Colored with Remorse

While Rivers of Angry Strangers Roar

Author George Mandel was a friend of Joseph Heller and “Flee the Angry Strangers” was one of the first Beat novels ever published.

It includes passages like this:

The needle had found a vein, and Paddy, with setup firm at his hip, drew his real blood into the gleaming syringe, where it lost color in boiled heroin. A mixture with the power of a thousand snorts settled, and he pumped it back into his vein, drew it out again, in, out, in. . . .

Mama shrieked It’s the police!

The naked Swede ran, pulling things from a drawer to the window and heaving them out. The Ghost moved nothing but his mouth, and from it words came clumsily, as if through thick gelatinous bubbles. “Wha’ya wan? Who ithid?”

“The police! Open this damn door before I kick it in!”

Bantam # F1165, 1953.


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