The Macedonian Problem and its Proper Solution – 1904



Bound in blood red cloth w/ black titles & graphic photographic cover of three Turkish soldiers posing with their “war throphy” of three human heads of slain Macedonians on a table in front of them.

Cover detail "The Macedonia Problem"

Cover detail "The Macedonia Problem"

115pp; frontis of Boris Sarafoff;  illustrated w/ monochrome plates.

The White Tower in Thessalonica

The White Tower in Thessalonica

Chapters: I. Macedonia as a Landmark in History. II.Territorial and Ethnographical Relations. III.Turkish Misgovernment and its Causes.IV. Five Centuries of Oppression.V. The Strife Among the Balkan States.VI.The Treaties of San Stefano and Berlin.VII. The European Concert and Reforms. VIII. The Insurrection.IX. The Reign of Terror. X. The Austro-Russian Project of Reforms  XI. Macedonian Autonomy.XII.  Macedonia, The Nucleus of a Balkan Federation. XIII.  French and Anglo-Saxon Manifestations of Sympathy. XIV. An Appeal to Christendom; Photos: Boris Sarafoff, The Peerless Macedonian Leader / Major-General M. Savoff, Bulgarian War Minister, at a Parade/Leader of a Revolutionary Band /Bulgarian Soldiers Returning from Drill/Ruins of Krushevo, Bombarded By the Turks/Turkish Officers of Monastir/The White Tower of Salonici, where 500 Bulgarians were confined after the Massacres/Refugees from the District of Raslog

By George .N. Chakaloff & Stanislav J. Shoomkoff

Leader of a revolutionary band

Leader of a revolutionary band

John C. Winston, Philadelphia – 1904


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