Larry Husch of Old Time Radio-pedia @ AZIO Media


Larry Husch of Old Time Radio-pedia (OTRRpedia) stopped by the AZIO Media Shop today. Old Time Radio-pedia site is dedicated to the people of OTR (Old Time Radio): the actors, announcers, musicians, writers, directors, producers, sound people, etc. who provided entertainment, news, sports, information, etc. from the late 1920’s through the 1950’s and then into 1970’s. This first generation of radio figures both conveyed and helped to shape a culture which experienced such historic developments as the Great Depression, World War II, and eventually television in every home and artificial satellites orbiting the Earth. They were the voices in everyone’s living room, sometimes reporting the news of an often troubled world and sometimes providing comic, dramatic and musical diversions from it.

OTRRpedia provides information about these people and the radio programs in which they worked.

“It is our goal to develop a comprehensive research database where information on old time radio is stored, thus providing an easy access to scholars and others interested in this period of history.”


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