Shallotte, North Carolina – Home of Azio Media Used Bookstore

Shallotte, North Carolina was once an important trading post, located between the Cape Fear and Waccamaw Rivers, in the center of a vast wilderness.

Here, we continue to walk in the footprints of Indians, pirates, pilots, and pioneers.

“The Town of Shallotte was incorporated on March 6, 1899. Prior settlement of the area dated back to around 1750 with an earlier reference to the River and the Town as early as 1734. In the early years, residents relied on agriculture, fishing and a bustling waterfront full of flatboats, rafts, and other small watercrafts used to transport goods to and from this rural part of Brunswick County. According to some accounts, the Town received its name from a traveler who crossed the river by ferry and referred to the river as “Charlotte” River. The Charlotte River later took on the name of the Shallotte River. The Town was later called Shallotte.” – Continued

Our independent bookstore in downtown Shallotte, N.C. has gathered a wonderful collection of rare books, vinyl records, vintage magazines, Hollywood film posters, lobby cards, and movie stills from the 1940’s and more.

To be continued..

We buy books, vinyl records, old photographs, original movie posters, lobby cards, prints, paintings, small antiques, sculpture, letters, magazines, old fishing lures and maps and anything really interesting we may find desirable.


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