Victor Hugo’s Novels Illustrated

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6 responses to “Victor Hugo’s Novels Illustrated

  1. I have the same edition of Victor Hugo’s Novels as pictured above.
    My copy is of Les Miserables.
    The frontispiece says: Novels of Victor Hugo.
    Underneath that is: Les Miserables.
    Under that is Part One, and near the bottom is printed Volume II.

    While the inside of the book is fine, including 13 woodcuts, the cover is loose from the binding; there is no leather at the binding’s edge.

    Is this copy of any value? Have you any suggestions for what to do with this copy.
    Thank you.
    Warner Jepson

  2. Aubrey Badon

    I have book three. Its in fair condition, and I was wondering if the value was the same as book two, or is it different?

  3. I have five volumes of this series. The covers have seen some wear, but the insides are in good shape. Are there more volumes to the series, and what would a complete set be worth?

  4. i have several of the just a few are gone out off the set

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