Music-Time Briefcase Turntable

Put the needle on the record

Put the needle on the record

This is a one of our favorite vintage turntables. Get a handful of 45 rpm records and this unit and it’s party time. Bonus: It also plays cassette tapes. Made by Vanity Fair, A subsidiary of Kidde, Inc., Dyerville, Iowa. Circa: 1966.

11 responses to “Music-Time Briefcase Turntable

  1. I have to say that i’ll bet that little dick is worh a fair bit in the collectibles market. I know its not a Garrard Turntable but it will still be fairly rare and pricey I should imagine.

    Of course there is a huge market out there for Vintage Turntables and it can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack to find exactly what you want. If you are interested in buying or sourcing vintage turntables you should check out the service at

    All the best

  2. I recently found a music time turntable and cassette player. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find out if or what it;s worth may be?

  3. does it work? if so, we may be interested in buying it.

  4. Hi I just acquired a Ertl Vanity Fair Musictime record player, cassette player, and it has an am/fm radio also. It has a label on it called ‘ “The Performer” and a number 0158. I have not had any luck finding out about it. Seems to work well on batteries, but is missing the power cord. Any info would be appreciated. Value and where to get power cord. Thanks Jerry

  5. This is a scarce unit – It was made only a short while – kids usually destroyed them – I think the company is out of business – Fisher Price made loads of children’s record players for years afterwards

  6. i just got one and looking for a needle .. anybody know what kind i need ? thanks

  7. I have a musictime just like the one in the photos above it plays but the volume seemed low but I only played it for a min and haven’t played it again I kinda forgot I had it. other than that it’s in good condition and has 2 Peter Pan Records Santa Claus is coming to town and Rudolph the red nosed rain deer also has 2 cassette tapes one is Disney song tape the best of Disney Vol 1 and the other a Walt Disney storyteller sleeping Beauty. I was wondering if anyone could tell me. What my collection is worth ? I am not planning to sell it right now because well it’s hard to part with even though yes I did forget I had it, but finding it felt as good as the first time I saw and acquired it. Anyway if anyone may have some idea of value I am curious to know and I appreciate any and all responses!

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