The Rearming of Fort Caswell

Here a copy of the Wilmington Post announces the Rearming of Fort Caswell on the front page.

In 1825 Congress authorized the construction of a fort on Oak Island.

The fort was an outstanding engineering accomplishment. It was a pentagonal structure with a two-story citadel and surrounded by a dry moat and a wet moat. Located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, Smith Island, (Bald Head Island), and the eastern tip of Oak Island, Fort Caswell was a strategic Civil War fortification.

During World War II the fort was re-purposed into a US Naval base. America was preparing south eastern North Carolina for war. Anti-aircraft artillery and sailors swarmed to Oak Island, while civilians worked as enemy aircraft and submarine spotters patrolling the beaches and barrier islands on the lookout for German soldiers and spies.

On January 31, 1946, Fort Caswell was designated as war surplus and assigned for disposal. The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina purchased the 250 acre fort from the Government on Sept. 29, 1949 for $86,000. Fort Caswell is now the home of the North Carolina Baptist Assembly.


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