Brass and Wood Bible Cover

This Bible cover was recovered in 2002.
Sadly, when Azio Media acquired this piece, nothing remained of the actual Bible. However, this lovely decorative cover did survive. The rare hand-made cover is inlaid with six hand-carved wooden plates tacked with smallest brass nails we have ever seen on a book cover, five cast bronze heraldic emblems, and four brightly colored stones in red and blue.
Ornate Brass Bible Cover

Ornate Brass Bible Cover

The cross is made of a brown velvet or suede and was originally peppered with more colorful stones, which did not survive. Additional details include a stamped brass lock hinge, and three small charms on chains which are attached to a small flower on the cover, also made of bronze. The profile of Christ is on one side, while each has a different symbol on the obverse side. One looks like a torch, the signs of harvest and a cross, and what appears to be a double-sided harp with a cross on top.


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