“Little Black Sambo”

“The Story of Little Black Sambo“, is a children’s book by Helen Bannerman, a Scottish author living in India. First published in London in 1899, it is the tale of an Indian boy named Sambo who prevails over a group of hungry tigers.

The story was a children’s favorite for half a century, but then became controversial and was even banned due to the use of the word Sambo, a racial slur in some countries.

Many people continue to think that the protagonist was a black boy. However, Sambo is Indian.

Now one rarely sees a copy of the original book, since most were disposed of many years ago. There is a rumor that Whoopi Goldberg has been quietly buying up remaining copies of Little Black Sambo around the country.

Later, Frank Ver Beck published “Little Black Sambo and the Monkey People”. This version was an ugly bastardization of the original.


2 responses to ““Little Black Sambo”

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  2. Blondevampmom

    I still have my Golden Book version! My parents raised me not to judge!

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