The Hidden Carolina Graveyard – Historical Investigations – UPDATE

Stone Gravestone Marker Detail

This headstone appears to bear a carved symbol which may be the Masonic Keystone, which is the Masonic mark of an Ancient Grand Master or it may be a Celtic Cross.

This photo is part of our investigation into a group of hand-carved grave markers we discovered in the forests of Brunswick County.

There are approximately 40 graves in this area.  Most of the wooden markers have succumbed to the elements and are only small strips of cedar rising from the ground.

Among the rare remaining wood grave markers are two head stones made of carved a light colored rock (pictured above). This ancient cemetery is hidden in the countryside of Brunswick County, North Carolina. This spot is a long-lost memorial we hope to preserve.

There are a number of undocumented cemeteries throughout the lower Cape Fear. Mapping and documenting these locations will save local history. If you know of a graveyard like this let us know. This a project Azio Media continues to support.

If you are interested, this is a useful site for grave marker symbolism


2 responses to “The Hidden Carolina Graveyard – Historical Investigations – UPDATE

  1. Don’t know if this site is still active, but that is a Confederate Cross of Honor, reserved for VA stones provided to Confederate Soldiers.

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