Disney Underground Art

This an image of a weird underground illustration created by Disney artists we presume. A color framed copy of this image was hanging on the wall of The Palm Room bar in Wrightsville Beach, NC in 1989. The painting was lost after the bar closed. If someone knows who was the artist was please let us know.
disneyland memorial orgy

Disneyland Memorial - Artist Unknown

There have been rumours of sexy Disney art for many years.

“The Little Mermaid” original movie poster was rumoured to depict more than turrets in the spires of that enchanted undersea castle. Have a close look at the hidden “castle spire”

Little Mermaid Castle Spire

Little Mermaid Castle Spire


2 responses to “Disney Underground Art

  1. One teacher at my old highschool devoted half a semester to discussing the ‘lewd’ messages within Disney films.
    Thank god I wasn’t in her class.
    I think these just prove that everyone has a twisted sense of humor- some of us just choose to be upfront about it.

  2. The Eye of Horus

    it’s not funny. It has nothing to do with a humour. Those are subliminal messages for a kids

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