Vinyl Records vs Digital Music / CD’s

Why Vinyl LP Records Are Better than Digital Downloads or CDs

People from some areas of the music business are beginning to notice an increase in the sale of vinyl records. Could it be that vinyl records, what many have viewed as an antiquated form of music enjoyment, are making a come back? According to some experts in the field of music and to record shops around the country, they are. Some of you are probably asking yourselves why, well, just look at a list of a few of the reasons why vinyl records are better than CDs or digital downloads?

DJ in Prague - 2000

  1. Vinyl records have warm, fat tones.
  2. A more true reproduction of the original live recording. Digital files only emulate the live analog recording.
  3. Vinyl records have the most life-like live recording possible.
  4. Analog recordings are much more stable and last longer compared to digital files, which are very unstable and more fragile.
  5. The cover art alone is a good reason to purchase vinyl records.

Vinyl records are en excellent investment and make great collector’s items, not only because of their classic sound and nature, but because of the artistic freedom that can be expressed on the cover. Compared to the smaller CDs, which have little room for artistic expression on the front of the cd, the vinyl record covers are like canvases. The downside to vinyl records is that you may get a hiss or a pop, but those are easily avoidable if you handle your record with the same care that you would handle any CD.


One response to “Vinyl Records vs Digital Music / CD’s

  1. It’s the quality of sound that makes me want to buy vinyl rather than cd.

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